YOU are worth it! You are worth knowing how amazing and beautiful you are AS IS! Many times we struggles with insecurities about our bodies; while constantly comparing ourselves to others. Those famous four words..."If only I had" can haunt us and wreak havoc in our lives for years. HOWEVER, if we utilize the tools within these guides, we may be able to Transform, Empower, and Awaken all that God has ALREADY said we are! 


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Have you struggled with accepting your own body type, physical features and style of dress? Are you tired of comparing your body type, style of dress, and fashion to others? Do you long to find your own style that compliments you? Look no further! You are not alone!! I too have struggled many years trying to fit into a norm that my body, style, or personality did not fit! Struggle and compare no more! This guide will assist with you falling in love with YOU! By utilizing Viva's 5 steps of style authenticity, you will:

1. Discover your OWN beauty and authenticity
2. Find items that compliment YOUR body type
3. Create YOUR own fashion style
4. Be YOUR own brand

Join the Loving YOU movement!

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Sometimes it can be so frustrating trying on clothes that do not fit or compliment us. I've experienced this feeling so many times, until I learned to compliment MY body type. As a clothing designer with years of experience of making garments for many women of all shapes and sizes; I've learned to find fabrics and create designs that fit their style and finesse. Although it took me years of studying with much error, YOU do not have to wait that long. Here is a detailed guide of determining your body type AND finding items that are all about YOU!

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BOTH Guides, Loving YOU and 3 Fashion Tips for Your Body Type, TOGETHER!!! Just for YOU!

It's time to:
1. Love yourself BECAUSE of and IN SPITE of
2. Educate yourself on YOUR OWN body type
3. Dress and Style yourself according to YOUR authentic shape

You deserve it! You deserve to feel beautiful, regardless of the next sister. Take this unforgettable journey and be prepared to transform!


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