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Thank you for visiting Viva Shaliek, where it’s always HIS Masterpiece and my hands. I have always had a desire to sew from the time I had my three daughters. It was difficult finding clothes for them that did not portray them as “Grown ups.” It was also very hard to find clothes to fit me and my body type. Often, I would leave clothing stores disappointed and frustrated because my clothes did not fit. I always had to settle and/or get clothes altered.

After years of dreaming of learning how to sew, I finally stepped out on faith and trusted God to do it. I am so thankful that I did.

Welcome to Viva Shaliek, where your experience is unforgettable. Here, you will be able to sip the T.E.A.

1.  Transform your wardrobe to compliment your body type.

2.  Empower you to have the confidence to be authentic in your OWN style.

3.  Awaken your inner stylist; and the beauty within.





2021 Charlotte Fashion Week

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